Cool Privacy Gift Ideas

September 29, 2020

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Gift ideas for privacy.

With Christmas and other gift-giving Holidays rapidly approaching, some fun gift ideas could be devices and tools to enhance their privacy, personal safety, and security. It's always something worth keeping in mind in these turbulent times. Also, these can be fun, useful, and versatile gifts for people.

Privacy Screen Protector: This is a really cool concept and dual use item. It's a screen protecter with filtered glass. You can only see your screen clearly if you're directly in front of it. This will prevent people snooping on you in the train or airplane.

Kensington Locks: There's a wide array of locks, some with keys and some with combination locks available. Check them all out. If you ever need to leave your laptop unattended in a busy public place for 30-seconds, you'll be glad you used this great security lock.

Crypto Hardware Wallet: A dedicated hardware wallet for your crypto could make trading Bitcoins and other digital currencies much easier and less risky. These are pretty neat if you like to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Window Privacy Film: Do you want to get natural light in your house but don't want the neighbors to see you prancing around in your Superman underwear? A stylish window privacy sticker could do the trick.

Faux vine privacy fence: You'll be seeing a lot of these in many urban and suburban areas. People put these on the outside of their fence not only for a little extra protection against graffiti on the wood, but also for privacy. It's harder for peeping toms to find a space to sneak a peak at your pool area if your outside fence is covered in a thick layer of vines.

Privacy tent: This is a great, multi-use item. Do you like to go camping and need a place to shower privately? Or do you want a private place to change at the beach without going a half a mile to the disgusting crowded showers when you're caked with wet sand? This has many uses for outdoor activities.

Privacy Room Divider: Do you live with other people? Do you want to have some quiet time for yourself on occasion? A little room divider is a great way to create that private space.

Information Privacy Engineering And Privacy By Design: If you're serious about privacy and security and understanding the entire landscape that exists, this is a great academic look at the subject.

Security Cameras: Visible security cameras provide many bonuses. Not only might they dissuade criminals from wrong-doing, but they also can help you solve a crime in the unfortunate event that one happens. If you're very serious about your family's safety, it's always worth looking into.

Hidden Safes: No privacy and security plan is 100% foolproof, but sometimes hiding valuables in plain site can work. There are many creative and clever options that have been known to fool thieves and keep your valuables safe.

Privacy Stamper: One good way to prevent identity theft is to shred documents. Another way is to mark up personally identifying information with a stamp. This might not be the best idea in all cases, but is very practical for certain use cases where you just want to obscure one part of the document.

Clamp on Privacy Divider: In some business and academic settings this could be very useful. It's a clamp on whiteboard that doubles as a privacy divider. This is the type of thing you might want to keep your tasks private at the office, for sure.

Digital Privacy Services: Getting a digital privacy service, especially for somebody with a family, or a young person at the start of their career who is looking for a job, could be a very great gift idea that is worth checking out.

There's many devices, gadgets, tools, and services available that can make you safer. Not only are they fun to play around with, they can also help keep you safe. Nothing is more important than keeping privacy in your own hands. If you won't help yourself, who will?

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide and learned something new! Check out our Learning Center to learn more about online privacy and security or consider subscribing to our Online Privacy Service to remove your phone number, name, and address from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo search results and hundreds of data broker sites.